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Tuition Services in Surrey

We provide tuition for children for school from Year 1 up to Year 11

  • Reading, Writing & Spelling
  • Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 *
  • Mathematics & Science Years 7,8,9
  • 7+, 10+, 11+, 13+ Examinations
  • GCSE English, Maths and Science

*Key Stage 2 and 3 are no longer organised by the Government but many schools are still running these tests internally.

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Year 3, 4, 5, 6

  • Pupil Tuition Class We work towards preparing pupils for the KS2 SATS.
  • We enhance the pupil skills according to national curriculum levels.
  • We never hold a pupil back and extend their levels according to their ability.


  • We use a variety of materials to stimulate an interest in reading and comprehension skills.
  • We will focus on ensuring pupils can develop explanation and inferred meanings.
  • We will use text of different levels and interests.
  • We will teach pupils so that they can perform at the new requirements for their year.
  • We will focus on practising KS2 SATS papers towards the end of YR6.
  • We will mark and explain any problems on KS2 SATS papers.


  • We will teach pupils to write legibly.Tuition for children Surrey
  • We will teach pupils to ensure letters are joined, clear and fluent.
  • We have many resources and techniques to encourage pupils to reach the required standard.


The formal testing of writing during KS2 SATS has now been removed from the examination.
Schools however will give each child a level from teacher assessment.

  • We will teach pupils to write fluently and at length.
  • We will teach how to write sentences logically using correct punctuation.
  • We will encourage pupils to use adventurous vocabulary to make their writing lively and interesting.
  • We will teach grammar and punctuation so that pupils can achieve a high level in the KS2 SATS.


  • We will base the teaching of mathematics on the PTC test.
  • We will teach all topics and processes required by the different national curriculum levels.
  • We will use the methods taught in the child's primary school to avoid confusion.
  • We will practice a skill many times to guarantee understanding.
  • We will consolidate a topic so that the child becomes a confident learner.
  • We will give a national curriculum related test when the topic is completed.
  • We will use KS2 SATS papers to give pupils practice.

Science Year 1 to 9

  • We teach those topics required for the school year they are in.
  • We ask pupils to make notes on those topics they find difficult.
    This is so they have a bank of notes to revise from and help with learning.
  • We explain the content they find challenging.
  • We test topics taught by giving written questions.
  • We use appropriate examination papers to teach exam technique.
  • We review the exam papers to ensure pupils are using correct terminology.

Mathematics Year 7 to 9

  • We give a national curriculum test.
  • We ask pupils which areas they are struggling in.
  • We use the test and pupil preferences to teach topics.
  • We start at a lower level to build confidence.
  • We will use different approaches to ensure understanding.
  • We will teach to the highest level according to the child's ability.
  • We give appropriate tests depending on the needs of the individual.
  • We practice exam papers and explain problems.

English Year 7 to 9

  • We will teach pupils how to make inferences based on evidence from different texts.
  • We will teach pupils how to express their point of view.
  • We will explore which features of language are used by writers.
  • We will study media texts and teach pupils how to comment on them.
  • We will study those Shakespeare plays pupils cover in their school to aid understanding.
  • We will attempt to study school related work as much as possible.
  • We will investigate different aspects of writing eg. story writing, diary writing, report writing etc. as required.
  • We will study any poetry that is being covered in their school.