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Eleven+ Tuition Services

Eleven Plus Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning Tests

We will assess your child’s ability using Non-Verbal, Verbal, English and mathematics tests. We will use all or some of these tests depending on which school examinations your child will be studying for.

We have past papers for the Independent schools as well as the free grammar schools

Non-Verbal and Verbal

Once the assessment and feedback is completed, we start teaching pupils the skills they require with step by step verbal and non-verbal books.

When essential skills have been taught, we will start working on relevant practice papers. Pupils will attempt some of the tests at home. The time in the centre will be used to analyse and explain where they have made errors.

We use the latest materials and have stocked our centre with Bond books and papers, Learning Together Books 1-4 Verbal, Learning Together Books 1-2 non-verbal, IPS papers, Stephen Curran, Chuckra, GL assessment and many others.

Eleven Plus Exams


We use Haydn books to teach English skills and other materials for comprehension. Once skills are taught, we use Bond books leading onto Bond papers, Tutor Master and GL assessment. The approach used is varied according to the individual needs of the pupils.

We also teach essay writing, specifically for those pupils that require this for their examination.


We will look at the assessment test and teach pupils the topics they are weak in. Alongside that we will use Bond papers and other tests to give them practice. We have a large range of 11+ papers.

School 11+ Tests

The requirements for the 11+ school tests changes from time to time and we keep abreast of these changes and adjust teaching accordingly. A table of the schools in the Sutton area is provided so parents can see the different tests.

7+, 10+, 13+ Examinations

Our approach to these examinations will be similar to the 11+ examinations.

We have past papers from a range of different schools and will teach whatever subjects are required.

Each school has a different approach to testing. We will secure whatever materials are required to teach for specific schools.